Op Singler EP-plader LP-plader

POP / ROCK  m.m.


plade ID Pladetitel 1 Pladetitel 2  pladetitel 3 Pladetitel 4 Kunstner-id Pladeselskab Formater nummer Noter
1 Mambo-Lolita Lorena Ananas Weisser Holunder Lolita Polydor 45 omdr. EPH 20591
2 La Violetera El Berebito Carnaval Andaluz Mambo en Florida Mambos espanoles Odeon 45 omdr. DSOE 16.373
3 Mukesh Geeta Lata Hum Hindustani Soundtrack Angel Records 45 omdr. TAE 1043
4 Frøken Nitouche udtog 1.del udtog 2. del
Lis Løwert & Ove Sprogøe Polyphon 45 omdr. HZM 80102
5 Nøddeknækkersuiten Mini-Ouverture Marsch Blumenwalzer MünchenerPhilharmoniker Deutsche Gr. Gesel. 45 omdr. EPL 30003
6 Blue Hawai Hawaian paradise Hawaian war chant Hawaian sunset Billy Vaughn DOT 45 omdr. DEP 594
7 I had a woman Strange fruit Good morning blues you wont let me go Josh White Karusell 45 omdr. ksep 3124
8 Little Brown jug st. louis blues Moonlight serenade Tuxedo junktion soundtrack Decca 45 omdr. BME 9001 + omslag
9 Pennsylvania 6-5000 American patrol In the mood A string of pearls soundtrack Decca 45 omdr. BME 9002
10 Suite for fløjte do Vilja lady of spain Poul Birkelund / The rocking Ghost Metronome 45 omdr. MREP 0111
11 Razzle Dazzle Two hound dogs Burn that candle Rock-a- beatin' boogie Bill Haley Brunswick 45 omdr. OE 9214
12 A handful of songs Cannibal pot Time to kill You gotta go Tommy Steele Decca 45 omdr. DFE 6424
13 Walking to New Orleans Dont come knockin Put your arms around me honey Three nights a week Fats Domino California 45 omdr. CEP 317
14 The cradle rock He's got the whole world in his hands Handed down She sells sea-shells Laurie London Odeon 45 omdr. GEOK 190
15 Pretty eyed baby Boom a ladda boom-boom 3 o'clock Up above my head Laurie London Odeon 45 omdr. GEOK 218
16 Blood from a stone I've been thinkin One minute to one Half breed Ricky Nelson California 45 omdr. CEP 307
17 Juke boks


Two guys Vogue 33 omdr. ELP 609
18 Hot Toddy Streets of dreams Joshua Rag mop Ralph Flanagan RCA 45 omdr. EPC 1555
19 Oh L'amour Gimme gimme gimme March on down the line
Erasure Mute Records 45 omdr. L 12 12" speciel edition